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September 25, 2012

Egress windows are designed to help you escape your home should there be a fire or anything else that would put you in danger. Egress means "exit", "escape" and "way out", therefore that is the reason how these kind of home replacement windows got their namesake. In order to have these kind of home replacement windows installed in your home, installation would have to pass very strict codes. If you have a basement in your home, it would also apply there. The following are the requirements and regulations for egress windows to be installed in your home. You especially will have to keep these measurements in mind when you are adding an extra room to your home or having windows installed in your basement.

The minimum with of an opening needs to be 20 inches. The minimum height of an opening should be 24 inches. The maximum net clear of an opening should be 5.7 square feet. The maximum height above the floor needs to be 44 inches.

The above regulations have just been enforced, therefore if your home is older then you have to keep in mind that you have to keep your home up to code. This especially applies when you hire a replacing windows contractor to inspect your home. If you do hire a replacing windows contractor to install windows that are new in your home then make sure that all the regulations are followed and up to code.

There are different types of egress windows that will be right for your home remodeling project, which include:

Basement Window Wells These kind of windows have special kinds of requirements since the room will be below the ground. Replacing windows contractors need to ensure that the windows are able to open all the way. Double-Hung/Glider Windows These windows pass the code as long as the windows are big enough to be able to escape from. Casement Windows These are the most ideal egress windows for a basement. They do not take up much space and their hinges offer an easy escape route.

El Segundo install windows contractors say that egress windows will help you progress in being safety conscious.

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